When you share your Linkedin contacts with Eyemail.io, you get

  • One credit for each contact you upload
  • The double amount of credits on a monthly base


  • Close all Linkedin tabs and windows inside your Chrome browser
  • Do not use Linkedin until the exchange is finished

Sharing your contacts with Eyemail is done in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

  • Pushing the "Start Exchange" button inside the Eyemail Chrome Extension. The download page of your Linkedin Contacts will open.

Step 2:

  • Enter your Linkedin password to request the Contacts-file. 
  • Await an e-mail from Linkedin (between 1 to 10 minutes) which confirms that your "Archive is ready"

Step 3:

  • Push the "Start Exchange" button once again
  • The Eyemail Chrome Extension will collect the Contacts-file and scan through your contacts. This step will take about 2 seconds per contact you have and you will be able to follow the progress.


The contact amount shown to you on Linkedin is the amount of contacts you made during the existence of your Linkedin account. 

Therefore the amount of contacts Linkedin shows you on your profile is not always the same as the number of “real” connetions you currently have as this number doesn't include people that left Linkedin or disconencted from you. 

This is why often a little fewer credits are granted on Eyemail when compared with the amount of contacts you appear to have on Linkedin.

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