You want to scale up your cold e-mail outreach?

We are talking about 

  • >80% open rates
  • >30% reply rates

Triggered? Keep reading 😀


Mailchimp, SendinBlue, Campaign Monitor, AWeber and all its alternatives have been putting automators to their services in the past few years. 

However, for cold e-mail outreach (= new prospects you contact the first time), this just wont do the trick anymore.

Why can't you do cold e-mail outreach through mass mailing services?

Multiple reasons can be found why this is not working through these kind of applications:

  1. First of all, these services don't allow uploads of massive e-mail lists.
  2. These kind of mass-mailing services sent out e-mails containing lots of HTML content. 
  3. Your e-mails are sent from mailservers with IP addresses known for promotions and advertising unless you go for premium accounts (= $$$$).
  4. The e-mail provider puts tags everywhere for collecting and showing fancy analytics. 

With all this, you are basically asking to put your e-mail in the recipients promotional tab or spam box, so mails don't get read and you don't get the desired sales impact.

What are the alternatives and work arounds?

In a short series of articles, we have bundled together the best practices and some tips and tricks for cold e-mail outreach.

  1. Finding the right prospects
  2. Build good e-mail lists (preferably) with
  3. Get in touch with your prospects
  4. Follow-up promptly through automation

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